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Splitting MP3s with mp3splt

March 03, 2017 — Jed Mallen

I used to just use silence detection and that was it:

mp3splt -a -t 10.0 audiobook.mp3 -d outputdir/

But when I encountered an audiobook where the silent points cannot be detected, I found the neat switch called overlap (-O).

mp3splt -t 10.0 -O 0.3 -f audiobook.mp3 -d outputdir/

The switches I used are:

-t 10.0 -- TIME in MM.SS format

-O 0.3 -- that's a capital "O" with 3 seconds of overlap on the start of the next track from the end of the previous track.

-f -- frame mode, because -O switch needs the whole book scanned first and overlaps calculated. Needed in VBR files.

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